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<Liam Proven>
I have a box of old Sun SCSI cables I
set aside more or less for this reason, as I gave away or sold all my
Sun kit.
Data a single is 25-pin cable, but I have two drives. so ideally need two. Command is a pair of cables, one 25-pin and the other 37-pin. I don't know if the pins are straight through or whether they do any swapping from one end to the other.


Liam, he's looking for SMD, which need a Bus and Radial.  One Bus can daisy chain from drive to drive, and us usually 60 pin.  The radial RF cables are usually 26 pin ribbon.  A separate cable from the controller to each drive is required to hook up the system.

You're thinking about the 50 pin D-sub that went to the older deskside bricks for workstations.


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