Contact Rick below if interested.  
Name: Rick Bunker    Contact: r...@bunker.us     Location: Jenkintown, PA    
I have a computer collection that I have to sell. My wife and I have separated, 
and the house is being sold, and I have no place to keep the computers in my 
new apartment.
It is a pretty nice collection. Altair 8800, two IMSAI 8080's, an Apple ][ (not 
][+ or e or anything, the first one), a TRS-80 (the real first revision, with 
no numeric keypad, with the original cassette drive, monitor) an LSI monitor, a 
KIM-1, an original IBM PC (not an XT -- original 2-floppys, original bios), an 
SwTPC 6800 box, with no innards. Similarly, a Cromemco box with no innards. A 
Northstar Horizon. 

 Some 8-inch drives, a bunch of S-100 boards, a luggable Kaypro portable, an 
odd and an end or two. 

Lots of documentation.
 Some old disks which may have readable software on them. I don't power these 
things up, since they have power supplies that you can weld with, with 
40-year-old capacitors on them. 

Is there anybody in striking distance of Philadelphia suburbs, who would 
consider buying and picking up this collection?

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