On 2017-Aug-07, at 3:43 PM, James Hamilton via cctech wrote:
> Hello all,
> Is there any good advice on avoiding shorts while testing a male DIN plug
> with a multimeter? I'm trying to test my C64 power supply, but I'm very
> nervous about accidentally shorting it in the process.

a few options:

a) scavenge an individual pin a from scrap socket of some sort that will fit 
the DIN pins and insert it over the DIN pin
   so it effectively extends out the DIN pins one at a time. Not so great maybe 
if you don't have a junk box with a variety of sockets.
   If you're really particular use some heat shrink over the socket pin to 
insulate it.

b) cut a piece of thin insulating material, paper even, and fold it into a tube 
or into half and insert it over a DIN pin
   so it isolates one pin at a time, and guides the test probe down to the 
target pin.

c) cut a ~1/2" piece of insulating tubing or strip a piece of insulation off a 
piece of wire and use it an in (b). 
   Common #14 house wire (loomex) might be about the right ID if it's not too 
thick at the OD to avoid interference with adjacent pins.

(c) sounds like the most time/effort effective method.

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