/Here is my list. 6x RD54 (Maxtor XT2190) >2x OK, 2x Media Error, 1x Actuator Issue, 1x Head issue 3x RD53 (Micropolis 1325) >2x Actuator issue, 1x actuator issue followed by spinning issue (speed sensor?) 4x Seagate ST251 >4x OK 3x Seagete ST225 >3x OK 3x IBM Type 068 >3x Dead On the 3.5" side I have also many dead drives (<1GB capacity). Mostly sticky actuators and dead tantalum caps, but by now nothing I was not able to repair. Many Greetings Ulrich /

A tangential question out of curiosity: who here has 5.25" MFM drives they're extremely surprised are still working, and which model(s)?

- John

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