On Mon, Jul 13, 2020 at 06:12:34PM -0400, Chris Zach wrote:
> Anyone know the best way to get files off an AT&T 7300/3B1 computer? This
> one has a lot of Perq stuff in a directory as well as hilarious things you
> can do with RP06 disk platters (ah, when we were young...)

You may have finished by now but since I have done that reasonably recently I 
though I would
document what I did/found.

Probably the best way was the serial already discussed since you can start it 
running and
let it run without needing to interact. I used kermit.
Copy here

Kermit setting I used on Linux
set line /dev/ttyUSB2
set speed 9600
set send packet-length 1000
set file names literal

kermit settings I used on 3b1
set window 3
set receive packet-length 1000
set file names literal
set file type binary

I had enabled login on the serial port and had logged in so didn't need the set 

You have the floppy drive. The normal 3b1 format is 8 or 10 sectors but it can 
with the
proper software read & write DOS disks. 
Later versions of the OS came with msdos command to read floppies and md_write 
and md_format.
You probably want to use them to install mtools which are nicer for using msdos 
Binaries in above directory.

/dev/fp021 is floppy first partition, /dev/fp020 is full disk

Also found this page on transfering files that gives another method.

If you have a floppy or hard drive image such as from my emulator there are 
tools to
work with them. https://github.com/dgesswein/s4-3b1-pc7300
Since mounting was done as Linux kernel driver its going to be work to get it 
to build on
current Linux. I have a fedora core 20 system I keep around that the driver 
works with.

> It does have an AUI Ethernet port on the back, but doesn't appear to have
> TCP/IP installed. Maybe I can install TCP and find my old Synoptics 10bt to
> AUI adapter?
Never had access to a machine with Ethernet so can't help.

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