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> Paul,
>> Full micro fiche scans of VAX/VMS 4.0/4.1 source listings are now published 
>> at
>> http://www.bitsavers.org/pdf/dec/vax/microfiche/vms-source-listings/AH-BT13A-SE__VAX-VMS_V4.0_SRC_LST_MCRF/AH-BT13A-SE__VAX-VMS_V4.0_SRC_LST_MCRF/
>> Did I miss it, or is the kernel missing?
> I learned from
> http://www.bitsavers.org/pdf/dec/vax/vms/training/EY-00014-DP_VMS_Internals_and_Data_Structures_1984.pdf
> that they don't have a "kernel",  but an "executive".  From the Preface 
> chapter:
> "The words "system" or "VMS system" are used to describe the entire software 
> package that is a part of a VAX-11 system, including privileged processes, 
> utilities, and other support software as well as the executive itself.
> The word "executive" refers to those parts of the VMS operating system  that 
> reside in system virtual address space.
> The executive includes the contents of the file SYS.EXE, device drivers, and 
> other code and data structures
> loaded at initialization time, including RMS and the system message file. "

Fair enough, though "kernel" has a specific meaning, the stuff that runs in 
kernel mode (as opposed to executive mode, as RMS does).  

What I meant is "where is the core OS".  With the hints you gave I found the 
answer, it's in subdirectory 095__SYS.  Thanks!


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