Not cost effective at nearly $10,000! I understand they're very rare, given they were only used for a few years in industry and they're clocking on 3/4 of a century old, but even then, that seems an order of magnitude or two off the real value. Actually, looking them up, doesn't seem they were used in much at all. Seems to have been a bit of a technological dead-end since core memory quickly superseded it with it's (relatively) cheap costs and (relative) ease of manufacturing. I imagine the US gov. probably used them somewhere, since they were a sucker for cutting edge technology of the time.
Would be interesting to know how many hours it's got on it

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Really nice photo-shoot! I wonder what the back-story to this particular
tube might be.

I don't think that $16.18 shipping would be, um, adequate protection by any
Cheap, but not so sure about "cost-effective" .


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