I am in the process of thinning down my vintage computer holdings, to relieve 
some of the burden I will leave to my heirs (hopefully not too soon!).

I have a working tiny PDP-11/73 system available for sale.  I would much prefer 
not to have to break it down and pack it for shipping, but I will if the buyer 
agrees to pay for the packing and shipping costs.

- - - - -

Tiny PDP-11/73 System:

H9281-BA backplane and card cage
DLV11-J 4 port SIO
MSV11-LK 256KB/128KW memory
Emulex UC07 SCSI interface

Power-on Reset board from here:

SCSI-to-SD hard drive emulator with 4 drives available, RT-11 installed

MeanWell RT-125B power supply

4.5 inch AC fan

qty 4 GlitchWorks serial cables

Spare PDP-11/23 CPU saved as a backup:

RT-11 Pocket Guide

RT-11 Mini-Reference Manual

- - - - -

I am asking $800.00 for the lot.  It cost me about that, probably more to 
acquire it piece-by-piece and assemble it into a working system.

- - -
Stephen Pereira
Bedford, NH  03110

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