Anyone got any 8i switch or panel  parts they Wana trade for any of these?

Got 6 3 pin spring loaded rockers appear to test good might need some
deoxot not sure came off the 8e below

8 of the 8e m rocker paddles orange and redish orange

Some are missing the plastic pivot dimples

8m with out it's switches
The rotory it's bit weird but possibly usable. Dunno enough about them.
It's center hole is ovaled a bit might gotten bashed. Might have some
usefull bits still

I've got some other bits that might be usefull as well from the 8i to

I'm looking for 5 more rockers with or with out the 8i paddles

Or some 8i paddles I've got 5 brown and 10 white ones that I wanted to find
when I rescued my poor 8i outs the mud

Or any other parts that might be usefull

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