Searched a lille bit for Western Magnetics.  Here’s a site that has some 
surplus heads, even a western magnetics onebut probably not the correct one. 
There is a corporate charter record for Western Magnetics in Minnesota dated 
1964. Maybe this is the same company. There’s also a tape head from Michigan 
Magnetics. Maybe a merged company?

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So it sermsdectape heads are special. I don’t think Dec would have the desire 
to make them internally so they probably contractef with a company already set 
up to do that. Who were the big tape head manufacturers at that time? Does 
anyone know?

A photo of the back of a TU56 DECtape head can be seen at .
The head has a label on it that reads:
 Western Magnetics
 Glendale Calif.

I've never seen a TU56 in person and have no idea if they have separate read, 
write, and erase heads or some other combo.  The "Record" notation on the above 
head's label hints to me this might be a write head.

I found that and other DECtape photos at .

-- Ron

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