I have a working DECmate III I could try your images on.

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> I have some disks that look like they're from a DECmate II computer,
> standard RX50K drives.  The disk images all look like they're a mix of
> 12-bit (OS/78 or OS/278?) and 8-bit all on the same media.  I can't
> convince PUTR to make sense of the images, so I'm wondering if there is
> anything else out there that is likely to be able to examine the disk
> contents?  I'm really looking for PUTR-like functionality to list and copy
> files.
> Maybe SIMH could be configured to be a DECmate II and be fed the disks?
> I have a couple of disk images available in case anyone wants to try them
> out - they're purported to be "DECmate II CP/M 2.2 version 2.0" and "System
> Disk ver. 2.0 8/24/87":
> https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1PD0TlUPiT7MIPEX6abEn33e7s3kSXp_H?usp=sharing
> - David

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