On 2022-Mar-31, at 8:05 PM, Anders Nelson via cctech wrote:
> Hey all, found this on eBay:
> https://www.ebay.com/itm/Corning-Glass-memory-/125087612899
> I can't find any info on it - was it some kind of delay-line or magnetic
> laminate stack?
> Interesting!

Very interesting - there were glass/quartz delay lines used in TV but never 
seen such before for digital.

So first guess was it's a SAW device (Surface Acoustic Wave) delay line, but 
wondered how the path would be long enough for delays needed (path too short 
for waves too fast).

Second guess then could be a quartz internal reflection delay line. See pdfPg.9:


I've analysed a couple of magneto-strictive wire acoustic delay lines so have 
some feel for properties/numbers there, but don't know how glass/quartz 

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