On Tuesday, April 5, 2022 at 17:52, Daniel Moniz via cctech wrote:

> This is a long shot, but on the off chance anyone else on the list
> shares some of my particular weirdnesses, anyone got a line on the
> *patches* for Embarcadero (nee Borland (nee Starbase (nee Premia)
> CodeWright? 
> I have the latest version Embarcadero sold (and maybe still sells?) as
> of not all that long ago -- 7.5 -- but it's basically patch level 3
> (e.g., 7.5.3) instead of patch level 5 (e.g., 7.5.5). I'm hoping
> someone has the patch installers squirreled away somewhere, and that I
> can find that person. 

I'm a 27-year-and-counting Codewright user, and I use it daily.  I still 
think it's a terrific editor.

I'm still on version 5.0d, but I thought I had picked up all of the patches 
from there through 7.5 against the day that I was going to upgrade.  I was 
looking periodically to see if they had fixed two crash bugs that are in 
5.0, and I kept waiting -- too long, as it turned out, as it was pulled 
from the market before I could buy the upgrade.

In any event, I looked around here, and apparently I have a full set of 
release notes and a full set of user's guides through 7.5, but no patch 
files except for the ones for 5.0.

Sorry I couldn't help, but I wanted to let you know that there is at least 
one other "weird" person out here who understands your affliction.

                                      -- Dave

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