probably others  out  there   that  can use  some of these cables  too... sad  
but  true  I  wish  I had   bought up all the loose IMSAI  parts  Micro-age 
redistribution  had  way back  then in  the  early 1980s    they had  parts  
and pieces  of leftovers and  half disassembled  IMSAI atuff stuff their techs  
screwed up! Ed#  In a message dated 4/18/2022 10:45:44 PM US Mountain Standard 
Time, writes: 
Bill, Let me know right quick if you'll be at VCF East and I'll make you a 
pair, I have both kinds of IDC ends. I'm heading out first thing tomorrow 
morning though as I have work in the northeast before VCF East. Thanks,Jonathan 
   ------- Original Message -------On Monday, April 18th, 2022 at 15:03, Bill 
Degnan via cctech <> wrote:  >>> Hi all...> What is the 
cable partnumber for the IMSAI SIO2? I need to order a> set of cables. I 
thought in all of my boxes and boxes of cables I> might have one...but nope.>> 
Here is a picture:>> 
Computers and Boards/00-Imsai/10-Imsai S100 Boards/Imsai SIO-2 dual serial 
IO/SIO with cables.JPG>> Thanks in advance.>> BIll

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