On 4/26/22 7:00 PM, Bill Gunshannon wrote:

Has anyone ever seen a TRSDOS equivalent of the CP/M LOAD
command?  I have the PL/M-80 compiler running but it's
output is an Intel HEX File. Works great for CP/M but I
would really like to try some programs under TRSDOS.  The
only other option at this point would be to dis-assemble
the HEX File and then re-assemble the program after a
little massaging to make it match one of the TRSDOS
assembler programs.
For my Model 4p serial boot demo, I wrote just that program in Python. https://github.com/electrickery/SerialBoot. It converts from hex-intel to an intermediate ASCII presentation of an LMF-file. This is somewhat useful, as you have to provide the entry address manually. The conversion to a real binary file is trival, but not yet there (had no need for it myself).


Fred Jan

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