I was at IBM when OSF (and subsequently OSF/1) was created and had a lot of discussions with OSF at that time.  At IBM I was working on the IBM Microkernel.  OSF/1 also used Mach (but a different source base) as the kernel.  The big effort was to keep the APIs and documentation "similar".  We had huge arguments about RPC and I think that's the area that we didn't converge which I think made the whole thing pointless since the IPC/RPC was one of the main points of Mach.  :-/

I don't know what DEC did in terms of their OSF/1 product, but I know at IBM we had 2 principle "ports" that we maintained (PPC & x86) as well as a few others (MIPS, StrongARM, 68K being the other ones as I recall) that we "kept alive".

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On 4/29/22 07:45, Dennis Grevenstein via cctech wrote:

just recently I found this archive:


this is a package of source code for DEC OSF/1 V 1.0. I knew that this is
supposed to run on DECstations (with MIPS), in fact I have a DS3100
running it myself.
However, one thing really puzzled me: This archive apparently includes
support for i386. There is even a kernel build log from 1990.
Now that was news to me. I never realized that this worked on i386.
Can anybody here tell any stories about this?


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