On Sat, Apr 30, 2022 at 12:33 PM Douglas Taylor <dj.tayl...@comcast.net>

> I was able to mount the partitions (as shown below) and actually extract
> the entire 65K partition to a *.dsk file that SIMH was able to mount and
> read.
> This is what I was trying to do.  Get files from the RT11freewarev2 cd
> into SIMH.  From there I can get them to my real PDP11 hardware.
> Some of the files are binary so this process is necessary.
> One comment - when you execute a mount command it takes a minute or 2 to
> decompress the file, so be patient!
> One question - How did you know how much to skip?

The README.TXT file said which 'logical' volumes within the physical device
contained RT-11 filesystems,
and it's known that each volume is 32MB (65536 512-byte blocks).  If each
'logical' volume is 32MB you
just multiply.  volume 13 (numbered from 0) will start at 13*32MB = 416MB.

The README also indicated that you could mount from the ISO directly using
the DU device driver
but I've never tried this myself.  Presumably this would involve accessing
DU13:, DU14:, etc.


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