No, I'm not looking for old Dasher keyboards because "omg Severance."

I have a couple of Data General terminals (D214) and a couple of Data General 
UNIX workstations (AViiON, using m88k CPU) and only one keyboard. The one that 
uses an 8-pin DIN connector similar to the 5-pin IBM PC XT keyboard 
connector—and it speaks the same protocol over the same lines, but also has a 
couple extra features enabled by those extra 3 pins. (I believe the part number 
of the DG keyboard is 6348, but I'm not positive and can't find my reference at 
the moment.)

Does anyone have any more of the keyboards for D214 terminals or AViiON 
workstations that need a good home, a home which reunites them with appropriate 
hardware? I gather I can use XT-compatible keyboards with the AViiON systems at 
least, because of the compatibility I noted above, but I don't know about my 

  -- Chris
  -- also always looking for anything else AViiON-related, 
  -- and for docs for the D214 terminal too, of course

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