On Sun, 27 Nov 2016, Edmond Orignac wrote:

> I have made some improvements to the AWK program to convert VCS format
> files into XAPIA format files useable with dtcm: TODO can be converted
> in activities, and some support for numeric (UTC +nn/-nn) timezone has
> been added. That is the first patch.
> I also noticed that the "Mail Retrieval" options of dtmail were left
> untranslated. I am providing translations for the French, Spanish and
> Italian Locales. That is the second patch.
> Also, in case someone is interested in finishing the translation in
> German of the dtmail messages or making translations in other languages,

Hi, I was not able to apply either of your patches.  They did not seem
to be based off of current CDE master, so they would not apply.

Can you rebase or redo them based on current CDE master?

> I am joining a tutorial in html. This could be distributed
> with the CDE sources or added to the Wiki. I have chosen Latin, a dead
> language, as an example for various reasons. First, the names of months
> in English originate from Latin, so the example of translations are easy
> to follow. Second, there is no locale for Latin distributed with glibc,
> but an unofficial sample locale can be found on the Web. Studying this
> sample locale might help in case a similar problem shows up with the
> locales available with glibc. Finally, in contrast with English or
> French, Latin is using declensions which add an extra difficulty for the
> translator.

I like this.  Would be good on the wiki.

Jon Trulson

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