> >> >TOSHIBA SD-R5002 CD-R/RW DVD-ROM/R/RW reader/writer (ATAPI)
> >> > Linux:
> >> >I'm creating Multisession iso9660 DVD disk
> >Despite its name, dvd+rw-tools support even DVD-RW/-R including
> >multi-session recordings. DVD-RW/-R support was reported to be working
> >with SONY DRU500, LG GMA-4020 and Pioneer DVR-x0[3-5] units. A.
> AFAIK, the DVD+R Tools will work in restricted or overwrite mode,

Wrong! dvd+rw-tools support *both* "Restricted Overwrite" and
"Incremental Sequential" from the day DVD-R[W] support was introduced!

> need a formatted DVD-RW

Yes, DVD-RW has to explicitely formatted for "Restricted Overwrite." And
your point being? BTW, dvd+rw-tools now support Quick Format so that it
takes no longer that a minute to format DVD-RW for "Restricted
Overwrite." Well, if unit supports truly quick Quick Format.

> and do not support "real" multi-border recording.

Wrong! "Incremental Sequential" (which is multi-border) is supported by
dvd+rw-tools. It's *all* on my pages. A.

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