> Is there a tool like growisofs which workds with CD-R and/or DVD-R?

growisofs works with *all* DVD media types, yes, including DVD-R and
DVD-RW, and even supports *all* recording strategies. No, growisofs does
not work with nor is planned to work with CD-R[W]. My standpoint on the
latter is that it doesn't worth the trouble. Average filesets are hardly
much less than CD capacity nowadays, not to mention that CD media is
inexpensive enough to not care about leaving it half-full anyway.
Secondly CD multi-sessioning overhead makes it impractical to use, e.g.
if you want to put weekly incremental backups on one media,
lead-ins/-outs will eat up ~1/4 of capacity. I didn't answer the
question if there is *similar* tool for CD-R, because I don't know. 

> growisofs looked
> like a convenient tool to reduce the effort of multisession.

growisofs is the only program supporting DVD multi-sessioning. I mean
it's not about "reducing the effort," it's rather about "making it

> Am I missing something with dvdrecord, or do I have to apply the kernel
> patch to make it work?

DMA issues are sole kernel domain. They are not, never were and won't be
an application domain. I mean it's meaningless to look for an
application which would "talk DMA." It's also meaningless to look for
kernel DMA patch targeting some application in particular.

> gaimboi:root> growisofs -v -dummy -Z /dev/scd0 -dDRNL white*
                          ^^^^^^^^^ Please, read growisofs manual page
more attentively. It's not a drop-in replacement for cdrecord.

> :-( /dev/scd0: unsupported MMC profile 9

9 is CD-R, so it's intentional. A.

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