Hi all,

PCEnv 0.2 has now been released at 
http://www.cellml.org/downloads/pcenv/releases/0.2/ .

This release is following a different, simplified procedure compared to 
earlier releases, in order to cut down on the complexity of making a 
release, and therefore allow for more regular releases.

1) No release candidates have been made. Instead, any bugs identified in 
the release will be fixed in the next release. However, an informal 
phase of user testing has already taken place on snapshot builds within 
the institute, as well as formal functional testing against the database 
of functional tests created by James Lawson and myself.

2) PCEnv was not branched for this release. All work has occurred under 
code freeze on the trunk.

PCEnv 0.2 is significantly better than PCEnv 0.1 in terms of available 
features and performance, and any users who are still using PCEnv 0.1 
are encouraged to upgrade.

Should you find a bug in PCEnv, please report it at 
http://www.cellml.org/tools/pcenv/bugs .

Best regards,
Andrew Miller

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