Michael Cooling wrote:
>> if both state variables have the same initial values and
>> rates (which they would...
> why should they have the same initial values? I agree if they did then  
> it makes
> no difference to the correctness of the model but it seems very possible to
> create a model of system 1 with substance_b and a model of system 2  
> with substance_b and give them
> both different initial conditions, then try to combine them. In  
> practice I think this would happen more often than not, at least for  
> the systems I've dealt with so far.
> Are you talking about AFTER you've realised the conflict and have  
> already decided which value(s) to go with? Or have I missed something?
If two models contradict each other (such as by each stating a initial 
value for concentrations of the same species, or a different mechanism 
for the exact same reaction), then this contradiction has to be fixed 
before the models can be composed.

I am therefore focusing on clean ways to compose non-contradictory 
models which involve some overlap of chemical species (and so the 
assumption is that the initial values are the same).

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