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Hi Alan,
I have read those documentations, but I am not familiar with this kind stuff, and the problem is that I don't really know what kind of the Linux systems I am using. Here is the information for my iMac: Mac OS X Version 10.4.11 (Tiger), Fink installed. Could you tell me which documentation in the website you attached is useful for me?

And another question is that is CellML DOM API enough to open and use the model file that I downloaded from CellML? Thanks!!
Hi Song,

The CellML DOM API is a programmatic interface, and is the thing to use if you want to write a program for processing CellML models. If you are looking for a program with a graphical user interface which can be used to edit CellML models and run simulations etc..., try PCEnv, which makes use of the CellML API but exposes it through a user interface.

Although PCEnv builds on Mac OS X, there are a number of usability issues at present, so I would recommend downloading a Linux snapshot and running the Linux version in a virtual machine. We are looking to improve OS X support in future.

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    Dear Song,

    Did you have a look at the installation documentation?

    Hopefully, you use one of the Linux systems for which we have some

    Regards, Alan

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    Core implementation for all platforms

    I have a trouble in installation of this source file. when I ran
    "./configure" command in x11, there was an error message stating
    that "configure: error: GSL CBLAS library required". And actually,
    I have updated fink and also installed the "gsl" package already.
    What else should I do to fix this error?

    Thanks in advance!


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