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* Justin Marsh <> [2009-07-28 00:31] writes:
Hi Lucian,

The basic C++ should have two functions for each member attribute, named after the attribute; one with no arguments, which returns the value of the attribute, and one with one argument which sets the value of the attribute.

So, to set the name you would call
And to get the name, you would call

These specific functions are located in ./sources/cellml/CellMLImplementation.cpp

Thanks! Is there information like this in the documentation somewhere? I'd rather not have to bug you all every time I have a basic question like this.
Hi Lucian,

I'm moving this to the cellml-tools-developers list; it is a good one for questions relating to tools that process CellML as some people get upset if there is too much software related discussion on cellml-discussion.

We are a bit lacking on some aspects of documentation for API users, as you have discovered. We have some information on the PCM - Physiome C++ Mapping in the docs subdirectory, but maybe not enough high-level documentation to get people started. It is often difficult for people already familiar with things to identify what new developers need to know the most, and so if you have created any documentation / notes / comments on what you discovered early on, it would be very useful to other people starting out with the API (or at least to aid the process of documentation), and so contributing it back would be useful. The Physiome Tracker would be a good way to manage correspondence with respect to documentation. See

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