Michael Cooling wrote:

I'm still interested in the below. Does anyone have any information beyond the comment I cite below?

In particular, might I be able to read the document that Andrew wrote?

Hi Mike,

We don't have much in the way of a well-developed document; but a brief proposal was included in this message:

This is something that we need to put more work into before we have anything generally useful, so please feel free to continue from where we are up to in that document.

Also, you might want to listen to my conversation with Kevin Burrage; although most of the call is really about trying to explain to Kevin that we are interested in declarative representations, rather than a specific algorithm. Go to http://www.gcast.com/u/millerak/main for the audiocast.

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Quoting Mike Cooling <m.cool...@auckland.ac.nz>:


I would like to get a rough idea of the possibility of stochastic
modelling support by CellML in 'the future'.

There is a reference to some work done by Andrew in this area in a meeting
minute from mid 2008 (reproduced below).

Is this the last time work was done in this area ( to the best of your
knowledge ) and is there any way I can read a copy of some document
outlining 'Andrew's proposal on how to represent stochastic systems...' ?

Thanks for your time,


"CellML 1.2 specification update

*    Andrew talked with Kevin Burrage last Friday about how stochastic
systems might potentially be represented in CellML 1.2
*    The audiocast of this conversation can be found at:
*    The conversation was useful but Andrew's proposal on how to
represent stochastic systems in CellML 1.2 still stands as it was.
*    Presently no further discussions with Kevin Burrage are scheduled.
*    There are a number of classes of stochastic systems we could
represent. Andrew's proposed approach is to allow generic representation
and then identify specific classes, such as systems described by the
Gillespie algorithm.
*    Andrew noted that while we don't have to explicitly provide a
representation of stochastic systems in CellML 1.2, we should be making
1.2 generic enough to allow for a secondary specification representing
these systems."

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