Dominick Layfield wrote:
Hi Catherine,

Thanks for raising these issues. I would be more than happy to read and comment on any material in the 1.2 spec or any revisions to the tutorial. I appreciate that this is being looked into.

Hi Dominick,

Catherine has told me that you have found the part of the CellML 1.1 specification relating to the interpretation of grouping to be ambiguous. I'm CCing this to the cellml-discussion mailing list, which is a good place to discuss the CellML discussions (you need to subscribe at before you can post to the list).

The plan going forward is to have two descriptions of CellML:
- a normative description. This description uses precise technical language, and will be the official description of CellML which should be referred to in the case of any conflict between the documents, or ambiguity in the other documents. It won't contain any information which is unnecessary to achieve this purpose (so as to avoid accidentally contradicting itself). - an informative tutorial on CellML. This document will include examples, and will be based on the normative description. It can be updated to improve clarity and ensure that it properly reflects the normative description.

Because everything depends on the normative description, we are working on completing that first.

Due to the draft nature of the work, there is no one 'official' draft - but I will refer you to one draft which has been modified from the base to simply the connection element: is more similar to CellML 1.1.

The section "Interpretation of grouping" provides precise rules, in terms of graph theory, about which elements can legitimately be connected.

Best wishes,

-- Dominick

On 12/08/2009 03:47 PM, Catherine Lloyd wrote:
Dear Dominick

I raised your two comments about needing a better description of CellML
groupings and also a CellML 1.1 model building tutorial at today's team

Regarding the first comment, Andrew Miller has been working on the
CellML 1.2 specification (currently a draft) and he will send you a link
to it - asking if the description is any clearer in the new spec (there
is a normative and an informative version of the 1.2 spec - hopefully
Andrew will send you both.

Regarding the second point (on the 1.1 tutorial) - the agenda item will
be raised again at next week's meeting when 3 other key people will be
present, and we will think about the best approach.

Thanks again for your interest in CellML.

Best wishes

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