James Lawson wrote:
We (Catherine, Poul and I) were thinking that there are basically
three places where you'd want to display / store this information
within PMR2: in the metadata itself (thereby allowing it to be
rendered by software, indexed and searched etc.), on the exposure
somewhere (perhaps a rendering of the metadata,) and in the proposed
blanket, site-wide 'terms of use' page.

As Catherine has mentioned in the relevant tracker item (don't have
the number on hand,) one of the issues which we must now decide on is
whether to require that all models in the repository abide by CC
attrib 3 or whether users can specify special cases.

We should be open and therefore allow people to go for whatever license
they want. However, they should be made aware that by doing so, they take
the risk of their model not being used, etc. This being said, some authors
might still prefer that outcome to not having their model on the CellML

Hi Alan,

Allowing people the ability to choose other licenses is something that I think can go into later releases of the repository; however, until then, the simplest thing to do is just to require that people need to license the model under the Creative Commons Attribution License.

If we do allow other licenses, we do need to make sure that the license allows us to distribute the model to everyone who asks for it through the model repository - so a manual process of review of any new licenses would probably be required (but we could let users choose from several licenses we had pre-approved).

I don't think that requiring people to license their contributions under a particular license is contrary to the principle of being open - the copyright holder of the model can freely license it under the terms and submit the model, and this ensures that everyone can download and adapt models from the repository - which is more open than it would be if some parts of the repository were more restricted.

Best wishes,

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