Hi all,

Release candidate 2 for the CellML API 1.9 has been released, and can be downloaded from:
  * http://www.cellml.org/tools/downloads/cellml_api/releases/1.9rc2

The following are provided with this release candidate:
  * Source code
  * Binary CellML API SDK packages for:
      * Linux - x86 (32 bit) built with gcc4.
      * Mac OS X - x86 built with gcc4.
      * Windows x86 built with MSVC9.

This release candidate fixes issues with the binary packaging from the previous release candidate (the Java jar files are now included, the .so files are included on Mac OS X, and the symbolic links are stored in the tarball as symlinks now, so there is no need to manually create symbolic links to particular versions to make the program run). Some limited documentation has been developed, and is available at:

This is the second release candidate ahead of the first release to include binaries with it, so I would particularly appreciate feedback about whether or not the binary 'SDK' builds include everything you need.

All going well, the CellML API version 1.9 will be released shortly.

Problems should be reported to the tracker at:
or failing that, directly to ak.mil...@auckland.ac.nz or the cellml-tools-develop...@cellml.org mailing list.

Best wishes,

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