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Release version 1.9 of the CellML API and CellML API implementation has been made. This release implements a number of important new features over version 1.8, as well as providing a number of bug fixes: * passthrough support added to CIS, making it easier for tools to embed code in expressions (for example, as a first stage in transforming a model). * A new optional extension service called TeLICeMS has been implemented, allowing CellML models to to be converted to a text-based representation, and vice versa. * A new optional extension service for working with SED-ML has been added; so far, only SED-OM manipulation is supported (no ability to actually run simulations yet, only to manipulate descriptions of them).
    * Better Python and Java binding support.
* Support for building an 'SDK' - a collection of all the needed files. These are now shipped with releases.

The release (including source code and binary SDKs for x86 Linux, x86 Mac, and Windows 32 bit) can be downloaded from:

A new page has been put together to help developers who are new to the CellML API get going with the binary releases of the API, and is available at:

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Andrew Miller
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