> In the near future I will be building a module that will provide web
> support for PMR2.  The protocols I've looked at are SOAP and REST.  SOAP
> looks fairly standardized and seems very simple to add and the SOAPpy
> (in Python) appears to be straightforward to use, but I can see how people
> can find this to be an overly heavy solution.
> REST on the other hand doesn't really have much support natively under
> Zope/Plone, doesn't really have a standard transport mechanism, and the
> standard is basically what the general community and/or implementer
> However, most people use JSON as the transport mechanism for data and I
> would agree that can allow fairly quick way to implement something to get
> this going.
> What I want to know is what the community as a whole wants - do one of
> the two or both?  There is also a tracker item from a while back about
> issue [https://tracker.physiomeproject.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1909], so
> please do refer to it and comment either on this thread and/or that item.

Hi Tommy,

I wanted to comment on the above, but couldn't see the above on the
tracker... So, I am replying here for now (feel free to copy/paste my

Personally, I don't have any experience with using web services from within
a client application. I did, however, have a quick look at what is supported
by Qt, and I could easily find support for SOAP and JSON (through
third-party libraries). It isn't clear to me whether there is
straightforward support for REST. Otherwise, between SOAP and JSON, it would
seem that JSON support is better (maybe because it's easier to support?!).
So, at this point, I would say that if you think you can do everything using
JSON, then I would be happy with it and hopefully whenever I get a chance to
test things myself I will still be of that view... :)


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