Thanks a lot, Tommy. I am clearly not a web service expert and therefore
assumed that the choice was between SOAP, REST and JSON. From what I now
understand (which may still not be right!), it would seem that the choice is
between SOAP and REST while regarding JSON it would, if anything, be a
choice between XML and JSON. So, in the end, it would seem that it might be
a choice between say SOAP+XML and REST+JSON. If that is the case, then
REST+JSON seems like a better choice for PMR2 indeed. Please feel free to
correct me if I am still missing something...

Hi Alan,

Essentially yes.  SOAP is basically a whole standard that revolves around 
exchanging data between services and its encoding method is basically XML, 
although it is possible to put JSON string inside the output but then that's 
just being silly, so yes, we might just end up going the route of REST+JSON 
over HTTP(S).

This sentiment is also shared by another developer here at the ABI who wants to 
interact with PMR2 via web services.


P.S. I am no web service expert either, I just ended up doing a lot of 
reading/thinking/processing/mock-up some code to see where/how this might work.


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