Maxwell Neal wrote:
Hi all - I was wondering - is there a webservice that would allow me
to programmatically download all the cellml models in the cellml
repository? Many thank,

Hi Maxwell,

Thank you for your interest in the CellML Model Repository.  While we currently 
don't have a formalized web service, we do provide a list of IDs to the 
workspaces ( which can be found at  Basically you can append the ids 
listed with the path.

To acquire the models, we recommend the usage of a Mercurial client, which can 
be acquired from  You can then use some kind of 
shell scripting to loop through that list and clone each workspace onto your 
local machine.

This is an example shell script:


for WORKSPACE in `wget --no-check-certificate -q -O - $WS_ROOT/$LIST`; do
 if [ -d $WORKSPACE ]; then
   echo $WORKSPACE exists.  Checking updates.
   hg pull -R $WORKSPACE
   hg up -R $WORKSPACE -C
   echo $WORKSPACE does not exist.  Cloning.
   hg clone $WS_ROOT/$WORKSPACE

Note this script will overwrite any local uncommitted changes.



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On Jul 29, 2011, at 5:00 PM,

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I have put the minutes from this week's meeting up at:

Cheers, Dougal


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