Hi Nicolas, hi Camille,

I really welcome this and hope that the introduction of this will lower the bar 
for those who wish (or currently don't wish) to annotate their models.

Just wondered what the roadmap is / would be for implementing web services? Web 
services down to the third level (i.e. for the specific GO term) would be 
fantastic. What are the current plans?

Cheers / Prost,


On 31 Aug 2011, at 13:11, Nicolas Le Novère <le...@ebi.ac.uk> wrote:

> Dear Colleagues,
> As you know, since 2005 we have developed a system of shared identifiers, 
> the MIRIAM URNs, that allow people to annotate data-sets with unambiguous, 
> perennial and common identifiers, that could be resolved to different 
> sources of information. One of the issues people encountered was the lack 
> of direct dereferencing. Over the summer 2011, we developed 
> Identifiers.org, the dereferencable version of the MIRIAM URIs. Also based 
> on MIRIAM Registry, it combines the advantage of MIRIAM URNs (everyone uses 
> the same URI to describe the same data-set, multiple targets of 
> resolutions, maintenance of IDs by the data providers but the full URIs 
> centrally provided, no cost etc.) and the advantages of PURLs (persistent 
> URLs).
> You can already play with it. Try:
> * http://identifiers.org/
> (Info on the whole project)
> * http://identifiers.org/obo.go/
> (the entry for GO in MIRIAM registry, used by identifiers.org)
> * http://identifiers.org/obo.go/GO:0006915
> The URI for this GO term. This is what you should store in your database 
> instead of just GO:0006915, and this is what should be distributed with 
> your dataset. That will provide your users with links to the GO term in all 
> the resources referenced in the registry.
> * http://identifiers.org/obo.go/GO:0006915?resource=MIR:00100012
> This configuration of the URI allow you to restrict the resolution of the 
> GO term to QuickGO. MIR:00100012 is the identifier of QuickGO in MIRIAM 
> registry. The corresponding URI is:
> http://identifiers.org/miriam.resource/MIR:00100012
> Finally, we are developing something that will be called 
> "MyIdentifiers.org". This will allow a project, for instance "demo", to 
> setup a whole range of choice in one go. Instead of specifying the resource 
> to use at the level of each separate identifier, you generate the URIs as:
> http://identifiers.org/pubmed/16333295?project=demo
> IMPORTANT: The URN form of MIRIAM URIs will remain valid! MIRIAM Registry 
> will still resolve them and all your code remains correct. We nevertheless 
> encourage you to use the new URIs in new developments. In order to 
> back-propagate the change, We will provide services to convert from the URN 
> form to the URL one.
> Best regards,
> Camille Laibe
> Nicolas Le Novere
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