Hi all,

I have just made release candidate 2 for the CellML API, version 1.10.

This release candidate will become the CellML API 1.10 if no-one finds any problems with it by next Wednesday (New Zealand time).

Please try it out and let me know if there are any problems with it.

The page about the release candidate:

Changes since rc1:
A reference counting race condition with CIS and SRuS was fixed by making reference counting threadsafe everywhere.

The .hg subdirectory containing the revision history is no longer packaged up into the source tarball, making it much smaller.

The binary installers no longer force you to click through the license, making it easier to automate installation (there is no actual change to the license, just how it is displayed).

The Linux SDK packages now include the processor type in the file name.

Best wishes,
Andrew Miller
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