CellML API 1.10 Released

I am pleased to announce the release of CellML API version 1.10.

It can be downloaded from:
Available downloads:
  Source code
  Binary SDK packages:
    * Linux - x86
    * Linux - x86_64
* Windows - 32 bit - for use with MinGW - available as a .zip and as a self-extracting executable. * Windows - 32 bit - for use with Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 - available as a .zip and as a self-extracting executable. * Mac OS X - universal binaries for use on PPC, x86, or x86_64 architectures.

Major changes since 1.9:
  * New services for processing SED-ML simulation experiment
    descriptions and running simulation experiments have been added.
  * Better Python and Java support.
  * A completely new, easier to use build system (CMake based).
  * All library dependencies (such as libxml2) are now included in the
    build tree.
  * Support for building on the MinGW platform on Windows (along with
    MSVC 10).

This release follows two release candidates; the binaries released are the same as for version 1.10rc2 of the CellML API. The only change to the source code from 1.10rc2 to 1.10 was a bug fix for the CellML Context (which is not compiled as part of the official binaries) was made to 1.10.

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