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Date: Sun, Sep 18, 2011 at 5:36 AM
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Dear Colleagues,

Some of you may not have attended the last day of COMBINE2011, and may not
be aware of new means of communication for this community. We set-up three
mailing lists:

To receive announcements from COMBINE, subscribe to:
This list if very low flux, and members should not normally post on it.
(Note that the main list of each of the core COMBINE standards is already
subscriber, which is why you receive this message).

To discuss the goals, organization and operation of COMBINE, subscribe to:
This list is open to all.

To report issues about the co.mbine.org website, send a mail to
You cannot subscribe to this list, but only post message.

Best regards,

Nicolas LE NOVERE, Computational Systems Neurobiology, EMBL-EBI, WTGC,
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