> I saw that you are providing a SED-ML file together with your Lorenz 
> attractor model http://models.cellml.org/e/7f.
> I tried to run the example, and it does work perfectly on SED-ML web tools on 
> http://sysbioapps.dyndns.org/SED-ML%20Web%20Tools.
> I tried also the validators on SED-ML web tools 
> (http://sysbioapps.dyndns.org/SED-ML%20Web%20Tools/Home/Validate) and on CSBE 
> (http://www.sbsi.ed.ac.uk/html/sedml/index.html) and there seems to be a 
> problem with duplicated identifiers in the SED-ML file.
> I thought it would be nice to fix this to avoid confusion on the user side 
> when they validate the SED-ML file.

just to add that the SED-ML web tools provide a function to
automatically "fix" common errors, including duplicated ID's.
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