The CellML Model Repository ( is now upgraded to the 
latest release of PMR2, v0.4.  Please file any issues you may find with this 
release at

Notable features supported now includes:


- Much code refactoring has been done to make PMR2 easier to extend.

In Workspaces:

- Customized renderer for various file types - images and other file types can 
now show up in-line in the standard file page.  This is achieved using the 
plugin system, which also allow other specific file renderers to be added 
directly to the workspace, thus potentially saving the time/effort required to 
create an exposure to generate the same view if more such dynamic views are 
- Ability to browse embedded workspaces from the standard file browsers more 
easily as they are now listed on top of every directory listings if they are 
- Storage backend generalized, allowing the possibility to support other 
version control systems or specialized storage engines.

In Exposures:

- CellML Mathematics view improved - CellML 1.1 models now have all their maths 
rendered as the generation process now uses CellML API instead of XSLT for the 
extraction.  Also, all modern browsers should be able to view the maths even 
without native MathML plugin/viewer as MathJAX[1] is used for the client side 

[1] MathJAX -

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