A couple questions.  One:  is there a defined way in CellML to find the 
independent variables?  The spec says (about 'initial_value'):

  This attribute provides a convenient means for specifying the value of a 
  scalar real variable when all independent variables in the model have a 
  value of 0.0. Independent variables are those whose values do not depend 
  on others. 

>From that definition, it would seem that if you defined 'pi' in your 
model, the initial value would apply when pi was equal to 0.

But more generally, if you have a single equation in your model:  

u = sin(t)

That's a single equation with two variables--how do you decide that you 
want to vary t and not u?  Do you just apply heuristics, so if you see 
'dx/dy' you assume y is the independent variable?  Is it part of what you 
do *with* a CellML model, that you present the user with t and u as 
possible options, and they pick one?

My second question is a bit simpler:  is there a way to define a delay 
equation in CellML and if so, how do you do it?  (A delay being 
something like 'x, 2 seconds ago'.)

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