Hi all,

JSim 2.05 has just been released and now has improved support for CellML
models. See the release announcement below.



o JSim now uses Java 6 rather than Java 5,  resulting in various minor
improvements.  If you're running JSim applets in your browser,  but sure to
update your Java to version 6.

o JSim's CellML importer has been substantially improved (thanks to LS).
JSim now runs 95% of the CellML 1.0 models in the CellML archive out of box
(no editing required).

o Parameter set functionality has been substantially improved, including
the addition of loops, sensitivity and optimization configuration to
parameter sets.

o Various minor fixes and feature improvements.

See the JSim home page for complete information on JSim, including
documentation, downloads, documentation and model repositories:


For complete details on the latest release, click on "What's New?"
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