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From: Stuart Moodie <moo...@ebi.ac.uk>
Date: Sat, Jan 7, 2012 at 12:47 AM
Subject: [sbml-discuss] Draft Distrib Package Proposal
To: SBML Discussion List <sbml-disc...@caltech.edu>

Dear All,

I have been pulling together the current thoughts on the distrib package
into a draft proposal document. The document is heavily based on the
outcome of discussions at the Statistical models workshop which took place
in Hinxton on Jun 2011. You can get the document from here:

For those of you who are unaware of it the distrib package or
"Distributions and Ranges" to give it its full name provides:
"an extension to SBML Level 3 that supports models that supports variables
that cab take many values, for instance random variables obtained from a
statistical distribution. Applications of the package include for instance
descriptions of the alternative values based on prior knowledge (e.g.
experiments), encoding of uncertainty of value and mostly statistical model
or models that require the use of random values, such as PK/PD models."

There is still a bit or work to do not least because some important issues
remain unresolved (mainly because there has been little discussion about
them). My hope is that this draft will instigate further discussion about
distrib and will lead to the production of a final draft of the proposal in
the coming weeks or months.

As with all the Level 3 package proposals, distrib has its own mailing list
(sbml-dist...@lists.sourceforge.net) and I would urge you to sign up for it
as this will be the main forum for discussion about the package
specification. If you are unsure whether you are subscribed, then I posted
an email to the list at 9:30 GMT today. It's stating the obvious, but if
you didn't receive it then you are probably not subscribed.

Best wishes,

Stuart Moodie
Biomodels Team
Hinxton, UK

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