Having just downloaded both the debug and release MSVC version of the CellML
API (the ZIP version), it would be nice when extracting the files if those
were to be extracted in a different directory. Right now, both sets of files
are being extracted to "cellml-sdk-1.11-Win32-MSVC10". Maybe we could have
"cellml-sdk-1.11-Win32-MSVC10-release" and
"cellml-sdk-1.11-Win32-MSVC10-debug" or something along those lines?


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> Subject: [cellml-dev] Announcing CellML API 1.11 release candidate 2
> Hi all,
> The second release candidate for the CellML API 1.11 (1.11-rc2) has been
> released. This release candidate will become the CellML API 1.11 if no-one
> reports any problems with it by next Wednesday (New Zealand time). Please
> out the the API and report any problems on the Physiome Tracker at
> https://tracker.physiomeproject.org/, by e-mailing cellml-tools-
> develop...@cellml.org (you will need to subscribe to the list first using
this page:
> http://lists.cellml.org/mailman/listinfo/cellml-tools-developers), or by
> ak.mil...@auckland.ac.nz.
> The files making up this release candidate are available here:
>    * http://www.cellml.org/tools/downloads/cellml_api/releases/1.11rc2
> This release candidate fixes a few bugs found since the last release
candidate -
> thanks to those who reported these bugs.
> Additionally, it includes an extra build target on Windows - a Visual
> C++ build linked against MSVCRTD (the Debug CRT), suitable for use with
> code that is linked against the Visual C++ Debug CRT. The build target
> against the Visual C++ release CRT will continue to be included.
> Best wishes,
> Andrew
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