There will be a meeting in Auckland to discuss the development of the CellML specifications tomorrow (Wednesday the 4th of July, at 9 AM NZST). The idea of this meeting is that it will allow members of the CellML community based in Auckland to express their views on development of the CellML specifications, and provide input to the CellML editors about the level of consensus on different matters about the specification within this subset of the CellML community.

Venue: Level 6 Access Node Room, 70 Symonds St, Auckland Bioengineering Institute.

If anyone wants to participate in the meeting remotely (e.g. over Skype), please let me know in advance and I can arrange remote access.

Proposed agenda:
  1. Discussion and confirmation of agenda (target: 9:00 - 9:05).
2. Should CellML 1.2 be an incremental change over CellML 1.1, with another version planned shortly after, or should it try to incorporate a wider set of changes? (target: 9:05 - 9:25)
  3. Should MathML 3 be included in CellML 1.2? (target: 9:25-9:45)
  4. When should namespaces change? (target: 9:45-10:00)

Please let me know if you want to propose any additions or changes to the agenda.

Best wishes,

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