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I have a question about how to use MatLab2CellML.

Our model is generated with MatLab or Mathematica.

I found that MatLab2CellML allows to convert Matlab code to CellML.

However, I could not find any example or instruction about how to use it.

Is there anyone who has an example or instructions for  MatLab2CellML?

Hi Jae,

I would recommend using a tool other than Matlab2CellML.

Converting a model from Matlab to CellML is a manual process, because MATLAB is an imperative language while CellML is declarative, so converting to CellML will sometimes require judgement calls to be made about the modelling intent.

Matlab2CellML does one part of the process, converting equations to MathML. You will likely still need to edit the resulting MathML, and you will definitely need to define things like the variables involved and their units (CellML requires that all variables be declared, and have physical units, and also requires that physical units be put on all constants).

You might want to try a tool like OpenCOR (which is under development), OpenCell (which is supposed to be eventually replaced by OpenCOR) or COR (again, which OpenCOR is supposed to eventually replace). Alternatively, you could try using the command line tools which come with the CellML API.

I have started creating this page as a tutorial: http://cellml.wikia.com/wiki/Translating_from_MATLAB_to_CellML I don't yet have a good Matlab example file to create the tutorial with, but the page does have background, and might help point you in the right direction. If anyone has a simple Matlab model they are willing to share publicly on that wiki, I can try to develop the tutorial around converting the model into CellML.

Best wishes,

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