PMR2 v0.6 is ready for release, but the final deployment is pending on final 
preparation and testing.  A snapshot of the data residing on 
models.physiomeproject.org (along with models.cellml.org) is taken and is 
staged with the production buildout profile at this location:

All available data should have been properly migrated to the new layout (noted 
below).  If you find any issues, please report them at:


Major/notable new features for PMR2 v0.6:

- Fork/pull from other workspaces and/or source repositories.  Users can 
specify a URI to fetch content from external repositories, such as other PMR2 
instances or even repositories hosted on Google Code or Bitbucket. If you can 
pull them, PMR2 can pull them (* on the main PMR2 instance, only http/https 
sources are supported due to outbound firewall settings at the host provided by 
- Exposure wizard- makes it much easier to create exposures.  This include 
features such as exposure import/export and better exposure rollover handling.
- Curation now file specific instead of exposure-wide, with better editor for 
them and ability for administrator to define curation flags (partial 
implementation only for administration side)
- CellML API updated to 1.11 final and make use of a cgrspy egg that is built 
for this PMR2 release (cgrspy-1.1pmr2), with support for CellML API 1.12 to be 
provided when that is released.
- Some major internal library changes that allow much easier implementation of 
views and their associated tests in PMR2.


P.S. Detailed changelogs for packages developed as part of PMR2, which are 
included within docs/HISTORY.(txt|rst) of the listed module.

pmr2.app - the core of PMR2

0.6 - Released (2012-10-03)

Sixth major release of PMR2 Core, with major focus on user interfaces.

* Fork/Pull from other workspaces

  - This feature allows the forking/pulling of workspaces within PMR2,
    and pulling data from external repositories of the same type.

* Exposure wizard

  - This replaces the exposure builder/file type selection with a more
    streamlined interface.  This is constructed on top of the original
  - Migration to updated exposure file types.  This indicates to users
    that the views specified have changed, and they are given a button
    to activate at their leisure to convert their file over to enable
    the usage of the new set of views defined for that file type.

* Exposure export/import, exposure rollover slight overhaul.

  - It is possible to export the exposure structure and import it into
    another workspace on the same or different PMR2 instance (provided
    that the same structure is supported).  This will lead into the
  - Exposure rollover will display the exposure structure using the
    wizard instead of recreating the entire structure right away.  This
    redirection allows better error handling.
  - Error handling leveraged includes the notification of renamed or
    missing files in the target commit for a given exposure, instead of
    returning a server error message.

* Curation moved to pmr2.annotation.curation

  - This library now provides better curation facilities, such as
    administration defined flags, with user-side selection widget to
    assign those defined values to a curation annotation on a file.

* Documentation generation is now tracked by an annotation.

* Default exposure file type is provided, as it is now very difficult
  for end users to assign views manually to an exposure file.

* Internal changes and other bug fixes.

  - All page layout/wrapper from the plone.z3cform classes have been
    removed as supporting this system has become quite a task when the
    adapter based layout is possible.  If the correct browser class for
    a view within PMR2 is correctly defined (which is by inheriting the
    browser classes within PMR2), the only changes required will be the
    removal of the warppers and then update the zcml to point to the
    original unwrapped class.
  - The implementation for the vocabulary `pmr2.vocab.manifest` has
    been corrected once more to return the listing of files of the
    correct commit as specified by context (either through the object,
    form or request).  This is achieved by using this vocab in the
    conjunction with pmr2.app.workspace.schema.StorageFileChoice.

pmr2.annotation.curation  - curation module for PMR2 (NEW)

0.1 - Released (2012-10-03)

* Initial release of the curation annotation extension for PMR2.  Basic
  features provided are:

  - Foundation for the curation flag framework
  - Core curation master flags usable by curators.

cellml.pmr2 - CellML support for PMR2

0.5 - Released (2012-10-03)

* Removal of form layout wrappers and general form cleanups.
* Update imports and library used to not depend on deprecated cruft.
* Provide PMR1 curation flags as support for that has been moved out of

fieldml.pmr2  - FieldML support for PMR2

(note: fieldml.pmr2-0.5 was released as part of a previous maintenance release 
of PMR2, but it is included here as it was not included as part of PMR2 v0.5)

0.6 - Released (2012-10-03)

* Removal of layouts, part of pmr2.app-0.6 compatibility fix.
* Use zope.publisher exceptions and not repoze.

0.5 - Released (2012-05-15)

* Zinc plugin version detection.
* Dynamic Javascript import depending on detected conditions.
* New version of zinx, which will support for Zinc (and beyond).
* Support for the older versions of Zinc (0.6.4.x) via the same dynamic

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