Dear Mark,

> This tool looks great. I can't save any edits tho', 

This is correct, OpenCOR can't currently save edits. I am hoping to have the
editing of CellML file in OpenCOR within the next few weeks. However, it
will initially be possible to do so by editing the CellML file directly.
This is not ideal, I agree, but we have to start somewhere. Then, the next
step will be to allow the authoring of CellML files using a format similar
to the one used in COR which, I believe, is much more user-friendly.

> and in the simulation widow
> if I change a parameter the change is lost when I run the simulation. Is
there a
> work around beyond editing the file externally and reloading?

This is also correct. The development version of OpenCOR addresses that
issue, but it's not yet available as a  download. Talking of downloads, I
tend to upload new snapshots of OpenCOR on a regular basis (weekly roughly;
see The snapshots are usually
relatively safe to use. They may just not have certain features you are

Finally, and as Peter mentioned, I will be releasing a first official
version of OpenCOR late next month (including, compared to the current
snapshot, improved simulation capabilities and the minimum editing feature I
mentioned above). From there, I will keep uploading regular updates. OpenCOR
is certainly very much un under development, so regular updates are to be

Best regards, Alan.

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