Hi all,

OpenCOR (http://opencor.ws) is an open source cross-platform modeling
environment which can be used to organise, edit, simulate and analyse
CellML files on Windows, Linux and OS X
(http://opencor.ws/user/supportedPlatforms.html). OpenCOR version 0.1
is now available from http://opencor.ws/download.php.

This first public release of OpenCOR enables users to annotate and
simulate CellML 1.0 and 1.1 models, including models containing ODE
and/or DAE systems which may require non-linear systems to be solved.

The source code for OpenCOR is available via the github opencor
repository: https://github.com/opencor/opencor. Also on github is the
issue tracker (https://github.com/opencor/opencor/issues) showing the
features that will become available in future releases

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