Celtic and Old English Saints          21 August

* St. Moghtewe, Abbot in Ireland
* St. Hardulf of Breedon

St. Hardulf of Breedon, Leicestershire, England

Holy Hill of Breedon

One of the few remaining landmarks of the vanished kingdom of Mercia is
this hilltop site in north west Leicestershire. Though only about 180
feet higher than the surrounding countryside, the limestone outcrop is
visible for several miles around. A Saxon monastery once sat atop the
hill, founded around 675 after the kingdom's conversion from paganism,
and mentioned by Bede as "Brindun". The church there today has an odd
dedication - to St. Mary and St. Hardulf.

St. Hardulf is a somewhat mysterious figure. A text of 1541 refers to
"St. Hardulche in a place named Bredon" and tells of his life in a cell
carved into a cliff. Earlier, Hugh Candidus, a 12th century
chronicler, wrote that buried at Breedon lay "Sanctus Aerdulfus Rex".
Was Breedon the resting place of a sanctified minor member of the
Mercian royal family?


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