Celtic and Old English Saints 24 August

* St. Irchard of Scotland
* St. Patrick the Elder

St. Irchard, Bishop of the Picts of Scotland
(Erthard, Yrchard)
Born in Kincardineshire, 5th or 7th century. Saint Palladius (f.d. July
7) is reputed to have sent Saint Servanus (f.d. July 1) to
preach in the Orkney Islands and Saint Ternan (f.d. June 12), titular
patron of Abernathy cathedral, to the Picts. Saint
Irchard, according to some, was Ternan's disciple, possibly consecrated
bishop by him or possibly consecrated bishop by Saint Gregory the Great
(f.d. September 3) in Rome. There is some debate over the exact period
of his life (Benedictines, Husenbeth).

Troparion of St Ychard Tone 1
Ordained by St Ternan, with him thou didst labour/ and preach the Gospel
to the heathen Picts./ Pray for the faithful who celebrate thy memory
and cry:/ Rejoice, O Father Ychard.

St. Patrick the Elder (Sen-Patrick), Abbot
Died c. 450. This is another confusing saint with conflicting
traditions. He may have been a kinsman and contemporary of Saint
Patrick of Ireland or the abbot of a monastery in Nevers, France


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